lirt is a coming two year old filly from the Yakima Reservation. Flirt was rescued fall(2017) and has blossomed since she has been with us. Flirts transformation has been incredible. A once scared and abused filly is now loving and trusting of humans. Although we are unsure of her entire history, whatever it was was not good. Flirt has many scars on her chest and rump. She came in covered in bed sores with rope burns around all four of her feet. Flirt has very correct confirmation and is a beautiful floaty mover. Flirt ties, leads very well, and picks up all four feet. Flirt would love a person of her own to continue loving her and unleash her full potential. This filly shows extreme athleticism when out playing in the field with the other horses as well as in the round pen. We are working with Flirt daily on handling her feet and standing quietly for trims. Flirts adoption fee is $200